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In spite of being an African nation, Morocco has a strong influence from European and Arab countries – hence, Morocco is very unlike the rest of Africa. Characterized by a rugged mountainous interior, vast stretches of desert and a coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco is absolutely blessed by nature.

Being a developing country, Morocco needs volunteers who can dedicatedly work for the upliftment of the people who need their help. Volunteering Solutions, in association with some local organizations, have set up sustainable volunteering projects in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco.

Whether you are a high school or college student looking for a Summer Break/ Spring Break Program, a gap year traveler or a backpacker – the affordable volunteering programs are meant for all, who are eager to make some effective contribution to the society. Let’s find out more about the programs in Morocco.


Childcare and Orphanage Volunteer in Morocco

childcare volunteer work in Morocco

This program is meant for those who love to spend time with kids. There are a huge number of children living in poverty and are often deprived of education, the basic requirements, and a good life. The main role of the volunteer would be to take care of these children and love them immensely. Volunteers would get to work with children ranging from toddlers to young adults around 16 years old.

Being a part of this program would bring several challenges to you, but overcoming them and loving the kids would be even more satisfying. Volunteers will have to plan activities for the little ones that’ll help them learn. Apart from that, you can also teach English and Maths to the ones who are a little older. You can also teach them extracurricular activities like music, art, and craft etc.

Remember that these kids come from extremely poor backgrounds and have bare minimum support from their families – thus, they’ll look up to you as their role models, so try and add as much happiness as you can, to their lives.


Teaching Program in Morocco

volunteer teaching in Morocco

Although the government provides free education for all up to the age of 15 years, Morocco has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. Volunteers joining the teaching project will be placed in public schools, NGOs and communities to teach kids English and French mainly. For students in their high school or university, this would be an amazing opportunity to spend time with kids of a different country and know about their lives.

Help the local children to learn the basics of the languages so that they can develop better communicative skills later in life. Volunteers can also assist teachers during their class and help teachers to plan and implement new ideas of teaching.

Try to incorporate the activity based learning methods in the class and engage all the students in interactive sessions. You should encourage your students so that they can become confident individuals in future.


Volunteer for the NGO Support Program in Morocco

NGO support volunteer work in Morocco

There are several NGOs in Morocco which aim to focus in many areas of work including human rights, child issues, women rights, education, skilled learning, strengthening the government accountability etc., working for the upliftment of the natives.

If you want to be a part of a structured system and work for sustainable development – then this program would absolutely suit you. It would be better if you can spend a longer period of time on this project, hence we highly recommend it to gap year students and backpackers who don’t have a time constraint.

There are several ways in which a volunteer can help, and no particular skill set is required to be a part of this. All you need is the positivity and enthusiasm to bring some change.


Women Empowerment Program in Morocco

women empowerment volunteer work in Morocco

While the entire world is shifting focus towards gender equality, Moroccan women are also in dire need of social and economic independence. The government, as well as several NGOs, are doing immense work in this area, in order to give women a respectable position.

Volunteers joining this project will be placed with reputed NGOs in Rabat, where they can engage themselves with the Moroccan women through teaching, providing awareness on women’s rights, reproductive health, land rights, domestic violence and more. Help the women learn something like sewing, making artifacts and bags etc so that they can easily find a way to earn.

The ultimate objective of this program is to make the women more independent and confident. If you can bring in some positive change, you’ll realize how satisfying and rewarding it can be, when someone’s life changes for good because of your efforts.


All the volunteering projects are available throughout the year, for a duration of minimum 1 week and maximum 24 weeks, and participants can choose their time as per convenience.

If you need more information about volunteering in Morocco, then drop us a mail at and our Program Advisors will directly get in touch with you.