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Bamboo Rice

10 Delicacies You Need To Try while Volunteering In China

Fried rice, chow Mein noodles, dumplings, etc. are some of the world known delicacies from China. But, when you enter into the authentic kitchens of China, you will find that there is a series of traditional dishes that are available to be gorged upon. The fresh and unique aroma of the dish, and its artistic […]

temple-of-heaven in China

10 Best Architectures In China To Explore On Your Next Volunteer Trip

China is known to have a history and civilization encompassing to more than 5000 years back; one of the oldest in all of Asia. This provides a vast array of heritage sites and historical architectures in mainland China for the overseas travelers to visit and explore. While the entire country is marked with mind-blowing architectures, […]

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