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10 Volunteer in Costa Rica Pictures That Shows It’s Natural Diversity

Costa Rica contains almost 6% of world’s biodiversity, which is a clear indication of the range of natural wonders one can find in this region. A number of gap year travelers visit to volunteer in Costa Rica, which is a great opportunity for them to encounter the breathtaking Costa Rican ecosystem. And, if you think […]

Playa Tamarindo, costa rica

10 Costa Rican Beaches You Cannot Afford To Miss

The Central American country of Costa Rica is burgeoned with some of nature’s best crafts in the form of tropical rainforests, beaches, and lush green landscapes. What stands out the most is the series of white sandy beaches available in the country, which are in abundance due to the presence of two separate coastlines; Pacific […]

Poas Volcano, costa rica

13 of Costa Rica’s Most Impressive Historical Sites and Natural Wonders

Costa Rica is burgeoned with some of nature’s best crafting all over the region. Volcanoes, beaches, and rainforests; the country has a lot of picturesque locations to explore while traveling for volunteering in Costa Rica. Volunteering Solutions provide projects in the capital city of San Jose, which itself is a home to cultural institution in […]


Experiencing the Best of Costa Rica

It can be a real task to decide upon what to do, where to go, and how to spend when traveling abroad; especially, when the destination is a place that is full of interesting activities to be done and experience. The Central American country of Costa Rica is one such destination that offers a plethora […]

Nosara Beach Costa Rica

7 Lesser-known Beaches To Visit While Volunteering in Costa Rica

What do you expect from a country which has the mighty Pacific Ocean to its west and the exuberating Caribbean coastline to its east? Yes! a lot of mesmerizing beaches. Every year, many gap year travelers and backpackers visit Costa Rica; one of the many reasons is a volunteer work. Volunteering Solutions provide a plethora […]

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