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Volunteer With Children

Volunteer With Children In Latin America With Volunteering Solutions

“The soul is healed by being with children.” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky. These words are absolutely true and you’ll understand its deeper meaning once you’ve spent some quality time with children. Seeing the world through their innocent view and feeling the warmth of unconditional love is something that we otherwise miss out in our daily lives, […]

facts about peru

14 Interesting Facts About Peru You Did Not know About

The land of Incas ruins, Andean peaks, and Amazonian rainforests; these are some of the features for which Peru has ever been known for. But it is only when you get to visit this distinctively preserved land of wonders, you will understand that there is a lot more to this country than just mountains and […]


Top Volunteering Destinations Abroad To End Your Year On A Good Note

The year 2015 has entered its final quarter and you still haven’t decided where to travel? Put a stop to your conundrums and follow this article. While holiday destinations and luxury outings are obvious options to end a hectic year for many, Volunteering Solutions decided to provide a third (budget) option for travelers around the […]

shopping in Cusco-Peru

7 Must Visit Markets To Shop While Volunteering In Peru

One thing that constitute as a major part of any abroad trip is shopping in the local market. A journey is never considered complete without some handful of souvenirs. The animated and jubilant region of Peru, the land of Inca civilization, too has a bucket full of colorful and artistic market to explore while volunteering […]

volunteer travel abroad

Where To Volunteer Abroad | Volunteering Destinations is one of the leading volunteer organizations providing volunteering abroad in more than 20 countries around the Globe. With a vast amount of experience in placing volunteers in various continents including Asia and Africa, they have compiled a list of best Volunteer Abroad Destinations. Whether you are volunteering for the first time or have […]

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