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What You Should Know About Short Term Volunteering In South Africa

The trick with South Africa is that it’s a geographical denotation of itself. Located at the southern most tip of the African continent, South Africa is a wonderful destination to experience real African adventure, colorful lifestyle, pristine landscape, and great cuisine. Volunteering in South Africa is a unique opportunity that provides the platform to uncover […]

Cape Agulhas

7 Recommended Weekend Getaways While Volunteering in South Africa

Have you ever drove on a highway route that made you felt like as if you’re driving through a fantasy garden or a farm (not after you toked of course)? Well, while volunteering in South Africa, you might get the opportunity to actually witness this dreamlike situation. And not just this, there are a number […]

short term volunteer in south africa

Most Recommended Volunteer Programs For Students in South Africa

South Africa is a great adventure destination, and is burgeoned by myriad of visitors every year. In these visitors are a set of some special travelers, who don’t just travel for its luxury and holiday spots, but for a much more noble reason; to volunteer in South Africa. The country offers a variety of recommended […]

Garden Route in South Africa

6 Lesser Known Locations In South Africa That Are A Must Visit

South Africa is known for a lot of popular tourist hotspots; such as The Table Mountain, The Big Hole, The Lion’s Head, Boulder’s Beach, Kruger National Park, and so on. However, there are several lesser known locations in South Africa which are highly under rated and must be visited to experience the magical aura around […]

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