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Volunteering in Zanzibar

7 Things You Must Do While Volunteering In Zanzibar

With dazzling beaches and coral reefs, twisting roads and a popular spice market, Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania in East Africa, which portrays a beautiful confluence of the Asian and African cultures. Volunteering Solutions has two amazing programs in Zanzibar – Teaching Program and Medical Volunteering Program, for those who are looking forward […]

experience trips abroad

The Experience You’ll Gather Being A Part Of The VolSol Experience Trips

Volunteering Solutions has a set of amazing programs which are named as “Experience Trips”. As you can guess by the name – these trips would definitely bestow you with unending experiences, to be treasured for a lifetime. Offered at 6 exotic destinations – India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Ghana and Tanzania – these programs have a […]

raise fund for volunteering

Fundraising Ideas For Your Next Volunteering Trip

In this 21st Century, volunteering abroad is a unique way to travel and explore a new destination while meaningfully contributing towards the host community. More and more millennials are traveling overseas every year to be a part of volunteering projects. It has been seen that a majority number of people who take part in these […]

Football coaching Kerala, India

6 Soccer Loving Countries To Volunteer Abroad In 2017

Call it soccer, football, or footy, the addiction and passion for this game is a global rage; and we all know it. With a fan base of over 3 billion, and an outrageous viewership, soccer is the most popular sport in the world.   The champs of this sport are known worldwide. Starting from Brazil […]

responsible traveler

What Makes You A Responsible Traveler – Traits and Signs

As a globetrotter, it has been an adventure to explore, witness, and understand the different set of cultures and lifestyles sustaining in our world. And, over the years of living a nomadic life, the concept of being a responsible traveler and being an advocate of sustainable tourism has become clearer. Simply put, responsible traveling shows […]

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