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The transition from High School to College is a big step as you enter a much wider sphere of life. It’s that part of the education matrix where books start to matter less and experiences count more. While books still would matter, it’s the time when you should step out and see the larger world in order to decide about the bigger goals of life. Volunteering as a college student is essential as it would open several doors for you, and help you realize what you are actually looking forward to.

According to a survey by TimeBank, there’s an incredible statistic that 73% of top employers are more likely to hire a candidate with volunteer experience than someone who has none.

Here are 7 reasons why you should volunteer as a college student:

college student

1. Volunteering will make you more compassionate and empathetic

Living the life of comfort and care, we often forget the fact that not everyone on this planet is as lucky as we are. There are many who shivers in the cold, sleeps with half-filled stomach, lives under the sky and has never felt the love of parents. Once you join a cause to volunteer and spend time with the less fortunate ones, you will become more compassionate and empathetic – which will help you to be a better person.


2. Volunteering will help you to acquire new skills

Volunteering wouldn’t only help you to polish your skills, but while working with others you’ll acquire several new skills. For example, you might be a good painter, and you can volunteer to teach kids how to draw and also help in making a shelter house more colorful and vibrant. But you aren’t a good orator and feel shy to join a discussion. Your peers might be good at it and can help you overcome your barriers and help you to be more outspoken and confident while putting your points.


3. Volunteering is the best way for networking

If you volunteer abroad as a college student, you’ll get to meet a lot of people which would enhance your network. People of all ages and from different backgrounds come to volunteer and therefore, it’s the best way to interact with others and knows about their fields of interest. You can make your mind about what you find valuable for yourself, and be in touch with people who you think can help you in future.


4. Volunteering would help you to be a team worker

This is your chance to be a part of a team comprising of people from all over the world. Being a part of a volunteering project, you’ll learn to adjust according to the needs of the team and also focus more on the work than on your personal goals. Being a good team worker requires a lot of endurance and it’s not easy at all. While working alone, you have all the space of your own – but as a part of the team, you need to think of all your mates. You will learn a great deal about how to get along with disparate personalities, which will make you a better employee in future.


5. Volunteering would polish your leadership skills

Volunteering would give you the scope to have a larger voice than a traditional workplace, so you can take lead on projects that suit your interests and brush up your leadership skills. You’ll get to work with others to get creative with solutions and ideas. You can then figure out how to implement those ideas. This would be naturally beneficial for you in building your career.


6. Volunteering abroad is a golden opportunity to travel and explore a new country

You must have traveled to so many places with your family, and seen the most touristy places. But volunteering abroad would be a great chance to kick start your solo traveling experience, and you will get to explore along with the locals, who can give you more insights about the place. Mostly, while volunteering, you’ll get to stay with the natives, and know more about their history, culture and traditions, lifestyle and everything that perhaps any other tourist would never get to know! A volunteering trip is an exclusive traveling experience.


7. Volunteering would enhance your self-esteem and make you more confident

When you join a philanthropic project and work for making a difference to someone else’s life, there would be a feel good factor working within you. No matter what kind of volunteering project you join, it will bring a sense of accomplishment and make you feel more confident about yourself. You’ll realize that you are a step ahead of your friends and your parents would be proud of you. Volunteering will have a win-win’ effect – while you learn something, you get the chance to give back a lot to your host community.

College life is one of the best phases, and to make this phase more worthy, you should definitely break the ice and go ahead for volunteering abroad. There are several volunteering organizations having numerous programs in different parts of the world – and you can choose the project that you can connect to.

While your college days won’t last forever, the memories would!


Volunteering Solutions has affordable and exciting volunteering opportunities for college students and you can simply drop us a mail at – to know more about the programs.