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Doing something good for the society always gives a feeling of satisfaction – and for doctors, that feeling can be felt every day, by lessening the pain of others.

Interning for a project can immensely boost experiential learning, which refers to the process of learning by actual experience on fields, as opposed to the system of learning in a classroom. One of the biggest benefits of experiential learning for medical students is that it allows them to learn the practical aspects of any knowledge that they have obtained from the theories and textbooks.

medical internhip Abroad

Let’s find out the benefits of medical internship for medical and pre-med students:

1. Opportunity to work with professionals

The most important aspect of medical internship is that it gives you a chance of working with professionals who are experts in their fields. As a medical student, you can learn a lot by shadowing doctors and nurses, at a hospital or healthcare center, where they have to deal with hundreds of patients, each day. You’ll learn how to quickly act in an emergency situation and also the tactics to deal with different kinds of patients. Being surrounded by experienced medical practitioners will surely charge you up and inspire you to do better work.

2. Figure out your area of interest

While interning at a healthcare center/ hospital, you’ll get to choose your departments varying from orthopedics to cardiology, from dental to physiotherapy and much more. While shadowing the doctors in that particular department, you’ll understand whether the work suits your interest or not. It’ll be a good way to find out your areas of interest and also to understand more about the skills you possess.

3. Learn from your peers

During the sojourn, the entire team of medical interns live together under one roof, eat together, travel together, and of course, work together. Interning for a medical program is one of the best ways where you have the opportunity to share your knowledge in the field of medicine with those from different parts of the world. While interning, you will get to know about their healthcare systems and other medical issues that persist in their regions. It’ll be a platform for interchanging skills and ideas.

4. You’ll get to know about the medical conditions of the Third World countries

Most of the medical internship opportunities are provided in Third World countries, where availability of resources is limited. However, the medical staff who functions at hospitals in these regions have paved their way to make the best of whatever resource they have in hand. This will be a great learning for you to groom yourself to work even in the toughest of the conditions. You can even interact with the doctors and nurses in order to get a better insight of how things have changed in that particular country, over the years.

5. Organize medical camps

If you are interning with a group, you might get a chance to organize healthcare/ dental camps in the outskirts of the cities or in some rural areas where people usually don’t have a proper medical set up. You can also organize vaccination as well as medical awareness camps. All these would be a brilliant way learning, which you may otherwise not get to experience. You can meet the locals, talk to them, know their problems and possibly work on finding solutions to ease their pains.

6. An opportunity to travel and explore a new destination

Well, it’s not just about work, but interning abroad also gives you the opportunity to explore a new destination. You aren’t just another tourist there, but a traveler who’ll be in constant touch with the locals. You’ll get to visit the local markets, know about their culture and lifestyle and binge on the local cuisine along with the heritage sites, monuments, and other popular destinations. What is more interesting is the visits to remote areas and villages which are not the typical touristy destinations, but have a distinct beauty of their own to explore.

7. Boost your career/ CV

Particularly for medical students, experiential learning is very important as I’ve mentioned in the beginning of the article. To say the least, having an international internship experience with a reputed organization will boost your career tremendously, and keep you ahead of all your peers. It’ll be a star on your CV and the experience will help you from time to time, while dealing with patients, at different stages of life.

8. Immense self satisfaction and happiness

Interns also benefit physically and emotionally from the service they perform. Being a part of a good cause will give you immense self-satisfaction and make you feel good about your actions. This will leave a positive impact on your physical and emotional health, keeping you happier than others. Doing something good for someone else will help you combat depression, stress or any other adversities.

Medical internships have the dual benefit of committing to the service of the most vulnerable communities while providing an opportunity to develop both personally and professionally. If you are a pre-med or medical student who aspires to be a part of a good cause, and serve people across the borders, then you must take the step and opt for a medical internship opportunity abroad. To understand the benefits better, you have to be a part of it.

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