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Call it soccer, football, or footy, the addiction and passion for this game is a global rage; and we all know it. With a fan base of over 3 billion, and an outrageous viewership, soccer is the most popular sport in the world.  

The champs of this sport are known worldwide. Starting from Brazil to Germany, Italy, England, and more. However, the popularity and love for the game of soccer (or football) is not restricted only to the countries that have played the world cups.

The game is a craze in almost each and every country in this world.

So, what if you get to play your favorite sport on an international soil, while volunteering abroad? Sounds strange?

We’ll give you a list of 6 soccer loving countries to volunteer abroad in 2017, where you might find crazier fans than you thought you were.



Football Coaching in Ghana

Ghana is one of the most successful African football nations, which makes the craze for this sport amongst the locals pretty evident. Over the years, especially after the 2010 FIFA world cup, Ghana has emerged as a great football crazy nation.

To add to this, there are sports development volunteer opportunities offered in Ghana, where in volunteers can coach young athletes and encourage them to play football.

This will be an opportunity for you to witness the love that kids have for this game. And, you, as a volunteer coach, can help shape a future football star.  



Football coaching Kerala, India

While, cricket has ruled as the most loved and revered sport in India, soccer never lost its spot as the second most loved sport. In fact, it has only made its hold stronger with time.

It is, especially, the Eastern and Southern regions of India where you may find soccer fans in huge number.

Mohun Bagan, formed in 1889, is the most successful and popular club team of Indian football circuit. Other popular soccer club teams in India includes, East Bengal, FC Goa, Dempo, Pune F.C., and more.

Despite having so much talent and century of experience with this sport, India, unfortunately, has never managed to qualify for the title championship; FIFA world cup.

And, this is exactly where your contribution as a volunteer can play a major role. There are volunteer programs available in India in the field of football coaching.

Volunteers can teach the young athletes, the skills and moves to be the best on the field.  


South Africa

Sports development in South Africa


Another amazing volunteering destination, more known for its adventure sports and picturesque landscape, is South Africa. The football scene is South Africa is no less popular than any other football loving country in the world. And it was evident from the fact that, it was the host to 2010 FIFA World cup.

People of all ages are great soccer fans in South Africa, and it is also one of the national sports of the country.

While volunteering in South Africa, volunteers will have the opportunity to join the sports development program in Cape Town. This caters to young kids from poor backgrounds who cannot afford expensive coaching and club memberships.  

Volunteers can work on their tactics and help the kids learn the skills of this fabulous sport.



This may, certainly, come as a huge surprise to many of you, but those who are regular in football/soccer would know that Morocco has always supported the sport immensely.

The love and passion for football in Morocco is not new, and goes back to several decades. In fact, Morocco was the first African country to win a group in a world cup tournament; finishing ahead of champion countries such as England, Poland, and Portugal.

Atlas Lions, the name of the national Moroccan team, is one of the most successful African national teams.  

While, there aren’t specific volunteer opportunities in Morocco dedicated for football coaching or sports development, volunteers can witness the craze during their visit.



Sports coaching in Ecuador

Like many other Latin American countries, football is a popular sport in Ecuador, if not as popular as in Brazil or Argentina.

The Ecuadorian national football team is controlled by the Federación Ecuatoriana de Fútbol and represents Ecuador in international football competitions.

Volunteers opting for the Soccer Coaching Project in Ecuador will be placed in Quito and they’ll have train school kids between the age of 6 – 16 years. Volunteers need to know the tricks of the game to guide these little ones so that they can grow up to be famous players down the lane.



Right! Does this even requires an explanation? European champions in 2008, World champions in 2010, and again winning the European title in 2012. Football in Spain is not just a sport, but revered as a religion altogether.

Two of the best and top rated club teams comes from Spain; viz. F.C Barcelona and Real Madrid.

There are volunteer opportunities in Spain which is your gateway to this soccer loving country. Volunteers can experience the adrenaline of a soccer match while volunteer traveling in Spain.

Interacting with the locals, you’ll understand their mindset about this sport and how it is an integral part of their lives.


Craving for some kickin’?

Register for any of these volunteer destinations and have a playful volunteer abroad experience in 2017. For more details, contact