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weekend getaways while volunteering in Peru

4 Weekend Getaways in Peru That You Should Tick Off Your List While Volunteering

Be it nomadic backpackers or budget conscious gappers, this South American nation has never failed to wow thrill seekers and history buffs, along with some mind tingling mysteries here and there! From lost civilizations dating back to the 15th century to intriguing mysteries of puzzling geoglyphs, no wonder Peru has remained a bucket list must […]

facts about peru

30 Interesting Facts About Peru That You Didn’t Know

Located in the western South America, Peru is an extremely biodiverse country with a really appealing story behind it. From the early engineering excellence of the Incas to the Spanish Conquistadors, early history has been written through the many parts of the country. And for those who have looked into the prospect of backpacking to […]

facts about peru

14 Interesting Facts About Peru You Did Not know About

The land of Incas ruins, Andean peaks, and Amazonian rainforests; these are some of the features for which Peru has ever been known for. But it is only when you get to visit this distinctively preserved land of wonders, you will understand that there is a lot more to this country than just mountains and […]

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