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Things You Should Do On A Weekend While Volunteering In Nairobi, Kenya

Founded in 1899 as a rail depot of Uganda Railways by the erstwhile colonial rulers, Nairobi soon started developing rapidly and became the capital of Kenya in 1907.   Whatever we hear about Nairobi’s social and political scenario is not entirely true, as the city has a lot of things to offer the visitors. Pack […]

volunteering-in-Africa with volunteering solutions

Volunteering In Africa: An Experience Beyond JUST Safaris

According to a worldwide online survey by Africa Geographic, more than 94% of travelers to Africa choose this continent to experience its exciting wildlife safaris. It is no hidden fact that out of all the things that have put the continent high on priority as a travel destination, wildlife safaris and visiting ancient tribal villages […]


5 Easy Ways To Volunteer In Kenya In Under $1000

Kenya, the home to Masai tribe, the country that has suffered the beatings of one of the most deadly epidemics of our times – HIV AIDS – but still stood up diligently, the land where definition of having a good time is sharing a dinner table with your loved ones; that’s Kenya! Many gap year […]

Medical Volunteer Program Kenya

Best Volunteering Opportunity in Kenya

Have you ever considered doing something for the community and help the less fortunate people then Volunteering is the best possible option for you to help the people in need.

Kenya Volunteering Programs

Volunteer Work Opportunities In Kenya With Volunteering Solutions

The amazing destination of Kenya is a place like no other in Africa. Known all over the globe for its wildlife and diversified culture, Kenya offers a range of volunteering opportunities to volunteers around the world.

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