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Melissa Plascott Tanzania July 2015 3 (6)

Best Destinations To Volunteer Abroad in July 2016

It’s that time of the year when most of the backpackers and vagabonds are working on their itinerary for the upcoming summers. Whilst, there are a lot of factors that are apprehended in designing the entire travel plan, budget is one thing which is kept into consideration the most. Then, of course, comes the part […]

Gonzalo and Maria during their teaching volunteer work in Surin Thailand with VolSol

What Is Special About A ‘2 Weeks Special’ Volunteer Abroad Program

If Jules Verne’s Phileas Fogg and his french valet Jean Passepartout can travel around the world in 80 days and feel on top of the world, then imagine the depth of fun and jubilation you can experience under 14 days at one single destination. For many, traveling abroad is a source of entertainment, jubilation, peace, […]

Girl Education in Ghana

Benefits Of Planning Ahead For A Volunteering Trip Abroad

Why do we take health insurance, or for that matter any kind of insurance policy? Yes! Because we plan ahead in life. The same applies to all important activities in your life; such as a volunteering trip abroad. Speak to any experienced placement organization, and they would certainly advise you to register yourself well in […]


Top Volunteering Destinations Abroad To End Your Year On A Good Note

The year 2015 has entered its final quarter and you still haven’t decided where to travel? Put a stop to your conundrums and follow this article. While holiday destinations and luxury outings are obvious options to end a hectic year for many, Volunteering Solutions decided to provide a third (budget) option for travelers around the […]


18 Volunteering Work Abroad Pictures That Are Motivational Enough

Volunteering abroad is been practiced significantly by a number of gap year travelers and backpackers every year. Not only does it provides an opportunity to help the ones in need and make life better for them, but also it gives a splendid opportunity to travel the world and experience places with a closer angle. Volunteering […]

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