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Top Volunteering Destinations Abroad To End Your Year On A Good Note

The year 2015 has entered its final quarter and you still haven’t decided where to travel? Put a stop to your conundrums and follow this article. While holiday destinations and luxury outings are obvious options to end a hectic year for many, Volunteering Solutions decided to provide a third (budget) option for travelers around the […]

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The Reality Behind Your Perception of Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering abroad is not a new concept anymore. Gap year travelers, backpackers, school/college groups, and more have been practicing volunteer work abroad from a while now. However, even today, there are a few pre-conceived notions that many have regarding volunteering abroad. These misconceptions may have resulted in people cancelling their plans of traveling abroad to […]


13 Benefits of Volunteering Abroad

The innumerous crowd traveling abroad every year goes to show the craze of travel among people. Over the years, not only the options for destinations to travel to, and the things one can do there have multiplied, but also the ways of traveling abroad have increased. Backpacking, family trips, gap year traveling, and more. Amidst […]


23 Tips For Making The Most of Your Volunteering Experience

Volunteering abroad is no more a “new way of traveling”. Many gap year travelers and backpackers takes up volunteer abroad projects as a part of their expedition. The simple reason behind it is the unique experience one get while traveling to new places. After all, how else would one get an opportunity to stay amongst […]

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Avoid Mixing These 22 English-Spanish False Friend Words While Volunteering

Considering the fact that English and Spanish have a lot of words which originates from the Latin language, there is a huge possibility of you to get confused with a word in Spanish that may appear to be similar to an English word, but has a completely different meaning. Such words which sounds similar (and […]

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