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Destinations Best Suited For Couple Volunteering

Ever thought how couple volunteering changes your life? The way kind acts for the society are taken up actually lets you know about your partner and sometimes, you may get to know few things you never knew about them. Thus, making your bond stronger. There are few awesome destinations, that suits best for couples to […]

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Volunteering Destinations Which Are Also Favorite Hollywood Movie Locations

When Lara Croft: Tomb Raider released, every single viewer was astonished by the ruined cave locations shown in the movie; up went the google search for Angkor Wat. Similarly, there are several volunteering destinations which are also a favorite spot for many Hollywood directors, turning them into a hot favorite tourist hotspot. Visiting these locations […]


14 Celebrities Who Volunteered Abroad… And Not Just Once

From an FBI agent to a super hero and even an invincible warrior; you must have seen your favorite actors portraying several kinds of roles on screen. However, there is an off screen role they play, which makes them a real life superhero, that you might not be aware of. A number of Hollywood celebrities […]

Money saving tips for volunteering abroad

Money Saving Tips For Volunteering Abroad | Volunteering Solutions

Let’s be frank here! Who, in this world, would not want to save money wherever and however it may be possible? People around the world, especially gap year travelers, backpackers, and other general wanderers, take up volunteer abroad programs every year. The trend, in fact, has evolved such that even families have started adding volunteer […]


5 Recreational Beaches You Must Visit While Volunteering In Guatemala

Walking down the Santa Catalina Arch, located on 5th Avenue North in Antigua, on a bright sunny day one gets a realization about the light hearted and celebrating lifestyle of the people living in Guatemala. This Spanish speaking country in Central America (ironical? Yes!) is known for its monstrously beautiful volcanic mountains. Volunteers and other […]

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