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raise fund for volunteering

Fundraising Ideas For Your Next Volunteering Trip

In this 21st Century, volunteering abroad is a unique way to travel and explore a new destination while meaningfully contributing towards the host community. More and more millennials are traveling overseas every year to be a part of volunteering projects. It has been seen that a majority number of people who take part in these […]

Ribeacá Cosaí Ní Churnáin Medical Palampur August.jpg2

Common Phrases To Learn Before Volunteering Abroad And Its Benefits

Verbal communication is the best source of interaction and socializing with people; yes even better than Facebook! And while, it is one strong source of sharing messages with utmost clarity, it may turn out to be a huge barrier at times. Basic reason for this is different language sources. This occurs mostly when you travel […]

Girl Education in Ghana

Benefits Of Planning Ahead For A Volunteering Trip Abroad

Why do we take health insurance, or for that matter any kind of insurance policy? Yes! Because we plan ahead in life. The same applies to all important activities in your life; such as a volunteering trip abroad. Speak to any experienced placement organization, and they would certainly advise you to register yourself well in […]

safe eating

4 Safe – Eating Hacks While Volunteering Abroad

Food is one big motivator for many to travel around. Even when traveling to volunteer abroad, one gets to test the efficiency of their palates to handle the tang of different culinary art. However, this is also one of the key reasons of worrying about health and hygiene. And just so that you do not […]


6 Essential Tips To Travel Safe While Volunteering In Morocco

One of the major concerns for any traveler when traveling abroad, be it for a vacation or for volunteering under a program, is that of a safe sojourn. The quintessential Morocco is one such destination, where you would really not want to miss out on even a single moment of travel. And in order to […]

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